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Casualty Priorities
Ground Units Class Cost MoveAttDefDescription
Infantry soldier 3 1 1 2 Inexpensive and relatively good at defense. Weak attack value. (more info)
Tank vehicle 5 2 3 2 Powerful attack piece and can move up to 2 spaces per turn. (more info)
Artillery vehicle 5 1 2x3 1 Launch a powerful bombardment of an adjacent land or sea zone. Does not face counter-attack. (more info)
General hero 0 1 0 3 Doubles the attack strength of all infantry in the battle. (more info)
National Ruler hero 0 1 0 1 Boosts income by 10 I.C. as long as he is alive and outside the capital. Also all tanks & infantry defend at 3 if leader is present. (more info)
Air Units Class Cost MoveAttDefDescription
Fighter fighter 10 4 3 4 Good at attack and defense. Must return to the same territory after attacking. (more info)
Bomber bomber 15 6 4 1 Powerful attack, but weak defense. Can also carry up to 2 infantry as paratroopers. (more info)
Nuclear Missile missile 20 1 4x4 0 Destroys between 4-24 pieces instantly when used. (more info)
Air Defense aa 5 1 0 0 Defense against planes and nukes. (more info)
Sea Units Class Cost MoveAttDefDescription
Transport transport 8 2 0 1 Used to carry troops over water (more info)
Submarine ship 8 2 2 2 Attacks and defends sea zones. (more info)
Aircraft Carrier transport 12 2 1 3 Strong defense plus can carry up to 2 fighter planes. (more info)
Battle Cruiser ship 15 2 4 4 Kings of the sea, have extremely strong attack and defend capabilities. (more info)
Super Battle Cruiser ship 15 2 4 4 Mighty upgradable battleship. Limit 1 per player. (more info)
Buildings Class Cost MoveAttDefDescription
Factory building 15 0 0 0 Acts as gateway for new pieces. Add a second factory to boost your income by 5 IC per turn. (more info)
Economic Center building 15 0 0 0 Boosts income by 5 IC per turn. (more info)
Specialty Units (Sergeant) Class Cost MoveAttDefDescription
Humvee vehicle 4 2 2 3 United States: Inexpensive, mobile with a strong defense. (more info)
Sniper soldier 3 1 3 1 European Union: Can only hit soldiers. Casualties do not get to return fire. (more info)
Mig 29 fighter 5 2 3 2 Russian Republic: Inexpensive with half the range of a fighter. (more info)
Kamakazi Plane fighter 5 4 6 1 Imperial Empire: Attacks a single transport, plane or vehicle choosing a target at random. No other ships or pieces can be targets. Both units are casualties. (more info)
Missile Launcher vehicle 7 1 2x5 1 Communist Dynasty: Attacks same as artillery except 5 dice needing 2 or less to hit. Upgradable with technology. Requires Infantry or tanks as spotters. (more info)
Jihad Bomber soldier 5 1 6 1 Middle East Federation: Instantly kills self and 2-4 enemy units when attacking. They can attack from transports and no longer require spotters. (more info)
RPG Soldier soldier 4 1 2 2 African Coalition: Targets tanks on attack and defense. (more info)
Destroyer ship 10 3 3 3 Latin Alliance: Fast with strong attack and defense. All ships in fleet Can return fire when hit by a submarine. (more info)
Specialty Units (Warrant Officer) Class Cost MoveAttDefDescription
Medic soldier 5 1 0 1 United States: Heals 1 infantry casualty per battle on offense or defense. Will return to previous country after healing a unit. Once used, he will not be able to heal again until your next turn. (more info)
Helicopter chopper 6 2 2 1 European Union: Attacks on land, sea and air. Subject to air defense. Can occupy a territory by itself. (more info)
Stinger Soldier soldier 4 1 2 2 Russian Republic: Will target planes first, but can hit any piece encountered. (more info)
Flame Thrower soldier 3 1 2x2 1 Imperial Empire: Strong attack piece with 2 dice, but can only hit soldiers. (more info)
Insurgent Mob soldier 2 1 0 1 Communist Dynasty: Cheap, disposable pieces used for cannon fodder that can only hit soldiers. When accompanied by a general or when attacking with 8 or more, they will attack at a 1, otherwise no attack at all. (more info)
Scud Launcher vehicle 8 1 3x4 1 Middle East Federation: Fights like artillery only with 4 dice needing 3 to hit. Upgradable with technology. Requires infantry or tank spotters. (more info)
Rocket Buggy vehicle 6 2 4 2 African Coalition: Strong attack piece and weak defender. Targets tanks when fighting. (more info)
Special Ops soldier 3 1 4 1 Latin Alliance: These units sneak into enemy territory and place exposives then return before the battle begins.

They are immune to enemy fire and cannot occupy a territory. Since they have to return, they are unable to attack from ships.

They target tanks/vehicles with AGM Maverick Missiles tech, and get 2 dice with Anthrax tech. (more info)

Specialty Units (Lieutenant) Class Cost MoveAttDefDescription
Apache chopper 10 2 3 3 United States: Attacks in air, sea and land. Can occupy a territory by itself. (more info)
Nuke Cannon vehicle 10 1 4x4 1 Russian Republic: Rolls 4 dice needing 4 or less to hit. (more info)
Cruiser ship 10 2 3 3 Imperial Empire: Attacks and defends at a 3. Comes equiped with an AD gun and cruise missiles. (more info)
Chemical Bomb vehicle 10 1 6 3 African Coalition: Destroys itself and 5-9 enemy infantry in the first round of attack. Targets all soldier class units but will not hit vehicles, planes or other unit types. (more info)
Hijacker soldier 10 1 6 3 Middle East Federation: Converts 1 plane or vehicle when attacking, then retreats back to previous country. Normal defense. (more info)
Predator Drone fighter 10 6 3x2 1 Latin Alliance: Can fly out 3 spaces and attack any land territory with 2 dice, needing 3 or less to hit. Can ONLY be shot down by Air Defense when attacking. Makes single attack, then flies home. Targets vehicles with technology.

Stealth reduces the number AD that can target it by 1, but even with this tech 2 AD units will target if 3 exist. (more info)

Battlemaster vehicle 10 1 4x3 4 Communist Dynasty: Powerful tank. 3 dice on attack, defends at a 4. (more info)
Striker vehicle 10 2 3x2 4 European Union: 2 dice on attack. Has air defense built in and targets vehicles. (more info)