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  • Game Overview

    Online Play
    Superpowers is based on a board game similar to the classic game of Risk, only with much more added to it. You will get an email when its your turn to act and turns take only about 5-10 minutes. Play as much or as little as you like, as long as you take at least 1 turn per day.

    The world is divided into 8 superpower nations, each one with a capital territory. The objective is for one team to control 6 of the original 8 capitals and hold them all for 1 complete turn.

    Game Play
    Each Turn consists of 4 stages:

  • Purchase
  • Attack
  • Move
  • Place new units (The ones you purchased at the beginning of your turn)

    Important Aspects

  • You cannot attack other players until round 6. Before that, you can attack any country that is not owned by a player.
  • Every non-player country is automatically defended by 3 infantry. If you win, you receive a one-time bonus of 2 infantry and a tank.
  • Round 6 is limited attack which means you can only take over 1 country on your turn, and can lose only 1 country in that round. Starting with round 7, its open season on attacks!
  • Planes will always return to the same territory they launched from. Fighters can attack any territory within 2 spaces, bombers can attack within 3 spaces.
  • Starting with round 2, you can offer Peace Treaties to any player. If accepted, you each receive a fighter plane, placed on your capital.
  • Once you have had a Peace Treaty for 1 complete round, you can offer an alliance. No bonus is paid out for alliances, but you are now fighting on the same team and can win the game together.
  • Game ends when 1 team of allies controls 6 of the original 8 capitals and holds them all for 1 complete round.


  • 10 I.C. (Industrial Credits) for each nation capital you control.
  • 10 I.C. for each complete color you control (Everyone starts with one).
  • 10 I.C. if your leader is alive and outside your capital.
  • 5 I.C. for each Economic Center you own (Limit 1 per territory).
  • Certain technologies will boost your income.

    Declaring War

  • It is always free to attack the computer countries.
  • You must pay 5 ICs to break neutrality against another player.
  • You must pay 10 ICs to break a Peace treaty.
  • You must pay 15 ICs to break an alliance.
  • If you "Declare War" this round, you can attack next round for free.