13: Colonel Caesar Seriona
Your ass ain't fetch.

Caesar Seriona
City: Ayss (Knights of Seriona)

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Game History
GamePlayer ResultPoints
Kill 'em all! Loss1
-mm- Cuban Missle Conference Loss
Nocturno Win3
-mm- Black Hawk Down Loss1
2v2 LockedTeams Purchase1
Free Free Free Loss1
Hungry Hippos Loss1
-mm- Armageddon Win
Barbershop Loss1
FeeBird Loss1
Hangman Loss1
FireSale! Win3
Diplomacy First! Loss1
Diplomacy First! Loss1
Hungry Hippos (Playing)Waiting
New Engine Test! (Playing)Attack
New Game - with Stats (Playing)Attack
New ffa (Playing)Attack
Fetch (Playing)Attack
Antonio''s Game! (Canceled)Joined
New Hunger Games (Open)Joined