For those with the board game, please note the following rule changes, clarifications and updates. Also check out the Board Game vs Online Game Differences

Victory Conditions

  • You are required to hold 6 (instead of 5) capitals to win the game.

    Taking Over Capitals

  • Defending player does not turn over any cash to the bank if you lose a capital.


  • Page 13 of the manual has an incorrect sentence, "Each land territory has a number printed on it." The current version of the game does not have numbers printed on it. An older version of the game did, but the new way of adding up income is much better and easier to do.
  • All 3 economic technologies now give you a +5 IC income per turn, INSTEAD of what's indicated on the tech board.
  • There is now a limit of only 2 buildings on all territories including your starting capital (1 factory and 1 economic center)


  • Artillery can no longer move into a territory you are attacking. If you win the battle, you must wait until next turn to move in artillery.
  • Battleships Now called Battle Cruisers. Also can carry up to 2 Air Defense guns to help protect the fleet against planes.
  • Nukes Nuclear Missiles do not destroy Generals or National Leaders (They have secret bunkers available to them).

    Also, when attacking with a nuke, defender rolls air defense for each nuke die seperately. Its possible for 2 nuke dice to get through and 2 to get shot down. For example a defender with 2 air defense units would roll a total of 8 dice to determine how many nuke dice got shot down. Roll them 2 at a time. After all AD dice have been thrown, the attacker rolls for any nuke dice that did not get shot down and the sum of those dice is the total casualty count.

    Rule Clarifications

  • Cruise Missiles These count as a regular attack, so you can either launch cruise missiles or attack with conventional troops but not both on the same turn.
  • Assigning Countries You can give control of any of your countries to an ally during the Movement phase of your turn. Note it cannot be a country you just took over this turn.
  • Breaking Alliances If you break an alliance and you have troops in your former ally's territory, the pieces remain in that territory as hostile units. Either player can attack or choose to leave the pieces as is.
  • Attacking Capitals Each nation can take over at most 1 non-player capital during the 5 rounds of "peace".
  • Ship Movement During rounds 1-5 you can ALWAYS move ships past enemy ships into an empty sea zone. Starting with round 6, you can ONLY move safely through an occupied sea zone if it is an alliance partner. Having a peace treaty is not good enough.