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Superpowers Game
The ultimate game of world conquest!

What is Superpowers?

Free to play -- Nothing to download!

Actual board game also available!

Object - Control 6 of the 8 world capitals and win the game!
Game Pieces

Ground Units
Inexpensive and relatively good at defense. Weak attack value. Infantry
Powerful attack piece and can move up to 2 spaces per turn. Tank
Launch a powerful bombardment of an adjacent land or sea zone. Does not face counter-attack. Artillery
Doubles the attack strength of all infantry in the battle. General
Boosts income by 10 I.C. as long as he is alive and outside the capital. Also all tanks & infantry defend at 3 if leader is present. National Ruler
Air Units
Good at attack and defense. Must return to the same territory after attacking. Fighter
Powerful attack, but weak defense. Can also carry up to 2 infantry as paratroopers. Bomber
Destroys between 4-24 pieces instantly when used. Nuclear Missile
Defense against planes and nukes. Air Defense
Sea Units
Used to carry troops over water Transport
Attacks and defends sea zones. Submarine
Strong defense plus can carry up to 2 fighter planes. Aircraft Carrier
Kings of the sea, have extremely strong attack and defend capabilities. Battle Cruiser
Mighty upgradable battleship. Limit 1 per player. Super Battle Cruiser